Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bon Pchum Ben Khmer or Cambodian Pchumben Ceremony for Ancestors

On Saturday, October 13, 2551 or 2007 there is a huge gathering of Cambodian-Canadian people in British Columbia province and vicinity to celebrate Khmer Pchum Ben. They are happily absorbed by good deeds they cultivated by giving alms food and four necessities, observing five precepts, and concentrating on Dhamma as well as good intentional mind.

Bon Pchum Ben or Khmer Festival for Ancestors is very important day for everybody to express their gratitude towards parents and ancestors that those people have granted them life as well as opportunity to achieve many good things in life. The celebration starts from full moon of 10th lunar month to full moon of 11th lunar month or starts from September 26 to October 11 this year (2007). During this 15 days, Cambodian people obligate themselves to accumulate goodness through offering (Dana), moral cultivation (Sila) and mindfulness development (Samadhi). Doing so, they can build happiness inside their mind as well as family, and they can spread the merits to their beloved ones. Overall, all Cambodians are aware of three essential teachings: to cultivate the good, to cleanse all evils and to purify their own muddy mind.

In that time also, they held an election to choose new president of Cambodian-Canada Buddhist Association of British Columbia. The result as Ven. Santi Palo described below:

I am pleased to inform you that the Election for the president of Khmer Buddist Association On the October 13th, 2007. There were three Candidates, Leng Sao, Doung Chham and Hem Moeun.
The votes counts were 166 votes. Leng Sao got 72 votes ( 44%), Doung Chham got 54 votes ( 33%) and Hem Moeun got 38 votes (23%).

Therefore Mr. Leng Sao is taking the President position from now on for the next two year.
Our congregations on two days of Celebrations were about 250 people.
Please see the attached pictures.
Ven: santipalo

Laypeople are dedicating merits to their dead ancestors by giving offering to Bhikkhu Monk
Buddha statue and the sacred alter inside the monastery. Buddha statue is erected as the Master of Sangha.
Three community prominent leaders were casting their ballot.
Bhikkhu Monks were collecting alms food from the devotees.
Huge crowd were offering their food into almsbowl to dedicate to their ancestors and all beings.

Being humbly, concentrated mind, and fulfilling with Sadha are essential!

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