Monday, July 30, 2007

Buddhist Lent Retreat or Bonn Chol Preah Vassa

Buddhist Lent Retreat or Bonn Chol Preah Vassa is significantly practiced by Buddhist Sanga (monk order) and laypeople for more than 2551 years ago in the full moon of Asalha lunar month. The essential events to be commemorated and devoted in this occasion are as following:
  1. The Sangha day or the day of monk order creation. In this day that Buddhists can have full three Triple Gem: Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha
  2. Lord Buddha delivered his first teaching, Dhammacakka Vattana Sutta to his five disciples at Deer Park in Benares, India
  3. Buddhists all over the world especially the monk order is preparing to stay in one particular place for three months (mostly from the end of July to the end of October). During this rain retreat hibernation allows all Buddhists to have full time in cleansing all evils, cultivating the good and purifying the mind.
  4. It signifies the unity and harmony of human beings worldwide
Invitation Program for Buddhist Lent Retreat Ceremony at Watt Tepthidaram, Vancouver
Monk and devoted laypeople at Watt Tepthidaram

The current temporary resident of Watt Tepthidaram looking from in front at West direction
Looking from South to North in front of the temple, a red van is donated to the temple by a devotee
Looking across the front of the temple from North to South
Storage barn locates in the middle of the is considered to be removed for the space
In front of the temple is a big apartment comprising of stores, bus stop, church and renting houses.

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